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Why Connect?

We live in a world where there seems to be connection everywhere – we have TVs, radios, cell phones, movies, ipods, faxes, blackberries, the internet. And with all of these, it’s possible to feel alone. In fact, there are many lonely people both single and married.  There’s a difference between technology and media connection and personal human connection.


I believe that we all have a deep need for human connection. Most single people want to find a partner, someone they can fall in love with, someone they can share their life with. Couples, families, and sometimes friends want to know how to repair disconnections and to be reminded of the connection that is under their hurts, complaints and wounds.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of gizmo or a doohickey that helps you do that? Let’s Connect! does!

Let’s Connect! encourages connection through lively conversation and fun and focuses on a wide range of personal experiences and preferences. The content covers many topics and themes. The game consists of a deck of cards that has eighty questions and mini-games that are divided into four suits based on level of risk: Mild, Medium, Hot, & Red-Hot.

The Red-Hot’s are about emotional intimacy and sexuality -- they’re spicy, a little edgy, and yet never offensive.

It’s just fine to skip the Red Hots or postpone these questions until a relationship is more established.

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