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“I’m usually nervous and talk a lot on a date. When we used the Let’s Connect! cards, I felt relaxed and more confident -- and I found out so much about her.”                                                              
— Steve Gerson

“Let’s Connect! was easy and we laughed a lot. Thanks and kudos on an innovation that really makes a difference.”                              
— Ginny Lempke

“Helps break the ice. It’s fun with a group or one-on-one. AND I met someone I’m now dating playing this game. Getting to know her with the cards and questions made it feel very easy and natural for me to ask her out and make plans.”  
— Paul Pacun

“Let’s Connect! is good for any age or any stage of relating. Lot’s of good humor too.                                                                                                   
— Judy Olson

“It was fun and interesting. I’d like to play it again.”  
Kevin Berg

“Helps you know your spouse on a deeper level.”     
Spence Gilrad

“Great ice breaker! Great way to find out what someone is all about. It gives a way to ask questions you’ve thought of asking but never have for the right time to ask. It makes social interaction easier.”        
Roselle DeRose

“I found “Let’s Connect” to be a seamless, effortless flow of play -- a non-competitive game where I felt very connected to each player. ”  
Jonathan Oakey

“I love it!   What a fun way to get to know someone"
— Maris Segal

“This game is very unique – it takes the struggle out of dating.”
Agnes Lago

“The game creates fun and a sense of intimacy, even with someone who started out being a total stranger.”    
Monique Largé

“This would be an especially great gift for someone newly divorced or out of a long-term relationship. It provoked interesting in-depth conversation that goes to somewhere.”                                            
Mary Stiener

“It really works.”
Mark Knass

“Successful tool. Helps you be quiet and listen.” 
Joy Lanvern

“Let’s Connect! gave me the spontaneous connection that we all want to have.”        
Raphael Natale

“The questions are stimulating and many are good for a giggle. They let you get past the nerves.” 
Steve Blackburn

“A delightful way to get to know people. Fun! A great ice breaker! An easy way to get an in-depth idea of “who” this person is.” 
Sue Marshall

“Very well thought-out, fun and very enlightening.” Bill Appleton“Thought-provoking and fun. 
Vincent Melillo

“A great game for a singles event or party — a sure way to break the ice and have fun.” 
Mark Knass

“Great questions to get to know another quickly… fun while being insightful.”       
Jim McClain

“Relaxing, fun, personal and thought-provoking. Well done.” 
Bonnie Damron

“The game enables two people to get to know each other more quickly.” 
Sue McCollouf

“I felt very comfortable playing this game with several different partners; and I learned more about myself.”                    
Eileen Lawrence

“A lot of fun. A great ice-breaker.”   
Tom Kirwin

“Makes one remember an experience you might have forgotten; give an insight into oneself, opens the door to discussion.”             
Laurie Veitch

“Very stimulating, lots of fun and often intriguing.”              
Robert Pfeiler

“Great questions; used correctly, one can get to know another quickly… fun while being insightful.   
Jim McClain

“This is a thinking single person’s game. The questions are provocative. Talk about getting to know someone new?! It’s great! And fun too!  Great! Very thought-provoking and fun.”   
Buck Buckhagen

“Great questions that open up the dialogue quickly.”      
Michael Chapman

“This is a great game for introducing and mixing at the beginning of parties. A great game for singles, couples and parties.”    
George Jennings

“The questions are fun -- ice-breaking questions that help you get to know someone in a short period of time.”  
Christine Stanfield

"It was fun in a group as well as one-on-one. The questions were thought-provoking and fun.”   
Vincent Melillo

“The questions were very well thought out, fun and very enlightening for different purposes: friends, parties, and chance meetings. Excellent idea!”  
Bill Appleton

“Fast and fun --- and lasting connections.”   Sarah Possiner“Cards broke the ice and led to expanded conversation.”    
Cathy Bateman

“Lots of fun and a good way to connect with others.”             
Maureen O’Hearn

“Let’s Connect! is a wonderful ice breaker. You can communicate, debate, relate, and date all in one game.”                                          
Dave Theil

“After a couple of questions we were so warmed up that we stopped using the cards and started asking our own questions”   
Neal Schultz

“I liked the topics of conversation and the questions really helped me get to know the other person.”       
Liz Eclarin

“It’s a good game and a great conversation starter!”  
Ed Kimball

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