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Let’s Connect!™  was created by Jane Myers Drew, Ph.D., a psychologist who has had twenty years of experience working with couples and singles. She is an expert in communication and relationships and the author of Where Were You When I Needed, You, Dad?

As a teacher for the American Healthcare Institute, she trained over 3,000 therapists. As a workshop and playshop leader, she knows how to draw people out – and how to use humor and shared human experiences to create connection. Dr. Jane says, “After a lot of soul searching, I’ve realized the purpose of my life is to help people heal and to connect.


I have been fascinated by this idea of connecting for a long time -- both on a personal and a professional level. Who was given a handbook on how to connect? No one I know got one! So I created a game that is the Cliff notes of relating.

Jane says she remembers the exact moment she started creating the game. “On April 23, 2004, I was having lunch with a good friend, Maria Rowe. We are both psychotherapists and we were discussing plans to do corporate consulting. Maria said, “People learn better when they’re playing a game.”  On the ride home, she just knew she needed to create a game so people — especially men and women —  could relate better to each other. When she got home, she immediately went to the computer and started writing ideas and questions. Little did she know then, that two and a half years later she would hold the first games in her hands. Nor did she have any idea that she would spend more than fifteen hundred hours on the project and that hundreds of people would be involved in research and testing of the game -- either in interviews, playing it one-on-one or at the parties she gave to test it. 

Jane believes meeting and genuinely connecting with new people is challenging for everyone – and so is going deeper in a relationship. She says, “I wanted to create an interactive experience that makes connecting easier and really fun. If people have a great time together to begin with, chances are they’ll want to keep relating.”
That's what Let’s Connect!™ helps you do!


Dr. Drew is in private practice in Newport Beach, CA. where she works with individuals, families, and couples. She has spoken many times on radio and TV talk shows. 

Dr. Drew also offers The Art of Connecting Seminars & Communication Workshops in the Southern California area. To see a list of upcoming Seminars, click here.

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