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Let’s Connect!™ is an exciting, engaging new game designed to make relating and dating fun and easy.  Whether people are -

shy  •  anxious talkers  •   relaxed

Let’s Connect! allows people to focus on the game, not their performance. This upbeat icebreaker card deck expands conversation topics, is laugh-provoking and thought-provoking.

Let’s Connect is designed to help men and women really talk to each other! Eighty questions and mini-games are divided into four suits based on level of risk (See sample questions below)

Mild   •   Medium   •   Hot   •   Red-Hot

The Red-Hot’s are sexy and edgy…  and yet never offensive. Let’s Connect! is great for:

couples   •   dinner parties   •   large parties
and especially singles!
What distinguishes Let’s Connect! from other games?
It is both fabulous fun and has substance.

Let’s Connect! has been field-tested by hundreds of people at parties and in pairs. Men and women testers gave it high ratings and said it reduced social stress and dating jitters­— they felt more relaxed and confident.
Let’s Connect! makes a wonderful gift!
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The age range for this game is 18 to… never-too-old. Because the packaging is small (4”x 4”x1 ¾” - a woman can put it in her purse or a man in a jacket pocket), it’s ideally suited for use at a coffee house or restaurant.

Here are two samples from each suit:


Red Hot:
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